Easy to install

Can be connected directly to the air supply duct HRV up to 450m3/hour. Another option is to connect it to a return suction of a fan coil above a ceiling

Legionella safe

Equipped with a patented Legiosafe water filter, guaranteed hygienic humidification

No condensation

The principle is aerosol-free and cannot over-humidify, so condensation-free humidification is guaranteed

Automatic operation

Modern Controller with display provides wireless control

HomEvap Evaporative Evaporative Humidifier

The most energy-efficient form of humidification, easy to maintain with low running costs. The method that is used is the so-called “wet pads” principle that is placed in the airflow. This causes evaporation to take place and the air is cooled and humidified.

The HomEvap is suitable for use on WTW up to 500m3/h. Equipped with a built-in LegioSafe water filter. Control is standard via the wireless keypad. The following options are also available: Bacnet Modbus, 0-10vdc, external release or an external hygrostat. The HomEvap is often used in homes, offices, schools and data centers

Free tailor-made advice

Lowest energy consumption

The HomEvap humidifier is equipped with a preheater, which is controlled modulating and has a maximum power of 900 watts. The HomEvap is the most energy-efficient residential humidifier with the lowest energy consumption per liter of water. The heater only switches on if the temperature to the HomEvap, during the moisture demand, falls below the set set point. 

Bacnet modbus control

The HomEvap is standard equipped with a wireless control panel with LCD display. This display shows the status, alarm and service messages. In addition, the following external control options are available: Bacnet Modbus, 0-10vdc, external release, an external hygrostat or a wired return or room sensor. 

Automatic operation

The HomEvap is connected to the water supply and drainage. This makes it fully automatic for the user. You don't have to fill water tanks. The HomEvap will also automatically function if it gets too cold outside. And therefore too little moisture enters the home or office. This prevents the building from drying out and complaints such as irritated eyes, nose cribs, warping wooden floors and fake musical instruments. HomEvap uses the existing ventilation in the home or building for this. If this is insufficient or absent, you can use the HomeEvap Direct. This is a unit with its own fan and circulates the air out of the house.

Very low cost of ownership

The HomEvap is based on the most natural and energy-friendly humidification principle of evaporation. In addition, maintenance is made easy by a cassette that can be changed without tools. The control is also tuned as economically as possible, so that with minimal water and electricity consumption, your indoor climate is optimally healthy in terms of humidity. We help you to limit your CO2 footprint, without sacrificing personal comfort.



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Technical specifications

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Instruction manual

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Specification text

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Office buildings
For an optimal healthy working climate, a minimum of 40% relative humidity is a must!
Data centers
Energy-efficient and safe through adiabatic cooling and humidification
Toonbanken, displays, opslag & bewaarcellen
Fresh products stay fresh longer
Scholen & universiteiten
Luchtvochtigheid is essentieel voor een gezond en behaaglijk leefklimaat in scholen & universiteiten
Clean rooms
Good humidity is necessary for a good return!
Food industry
Better yield through humidification in food production
The treasures in the museums remain in top condition thanks to the right humidity
Ziekenhuizen & Zorginstellingen
Good humidity is vital
Drukkerijen & Papierproductie
Quality without downtime and failure due to correct humidity

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