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For an optimal and healthy working climate, a minimum of 40% relative humidity is a must!

For an optimal and healthy working climate, the use of humidifiers is necessary. The office is the place where we stay for a long time and if the air is too dry, we experience a lot of inconvenience. In general, these discomforts and health problems are not associated with a low relative humidity of the air.

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Healthy employees, less absenteeism

Dry air can cause headaches, skin problems, increased susceptibility to colds, a sore, dry throat and sore eyes. The eyes are sensitive to low humidity when the thin film of moisture on the cornea evaporates. Contact lens wearers experience discomfort by a factor of 5 when the relative humidity drops below 40%rV. Dust and dirt stick to the moister lenses, causing a higher irritation. 

By using humidifiers, the humidity remains between 50 -60%, so that employees feel more comfortable, can work better and get sick less often. 

Healthy indoor climate in office buildings works better by using an Aire Fresh Systems humidifier.
Increased office productivity through humidification in office buildings

Higher productivity

It has been proven that productivity increases when employees are in a pleasant environment, where the air conditions are also optimal. These conditions are different in winter than in summer. That is why it is important to have optimal air conditions in winter when other factors (such as reduced sunlight) are not optimal. An important part is the correct relative humidity between 40-60%. It protects us against viruses and airborne dust and thus we are better able to function with minimal absenteeism.  

Energy savings in office buildings by using air humidification from Aire Fresh Systems

Energy savings due to lower ambient temperature

A climate with the right rV% is experienced as pleasant at a lower temperature, without complaints of cold hands, dry eyes and electrostatic discharges. This is prevented if the relative humidity in a room is 40% or higher. This saves energy. An additional advantage is that office equipment, such as laptops, printers, etc., function optimally for longer and need to be replaced less quickly due to the use of air humidification equipment.  

An SKV evaporative humidifier is used in offices
SKV evaporative humidifier

We offer custom solutions

Voor kantoren heeft Aire Fresh Systems meerdere maatwerk oplossingen, afhankelijk van de ruimte die bevochtigd of gekoeld moet worden. 

Om de relatieve vochtigheid op een gewenst niveau te houden, is het noodzakelijk om kunstmatig water toe te voegen aan de lucht door gebruik te maken van een bevochtiger, die gekoppeld is aan de luchtbehandeling of airconditioning van het klaslokaal of het gebouw. Deze producten zijn geschikt voor toepassing in kantoorgebouwen:

HomeEvapThe compact, economical humidifier for departments in a building. Easy to combine with satellite systems or fan coils. Installed invisibly above the ceiling.
The reliable low TCO humidifier
The safe and economical, adiabatic humidifier for installation in ventilation systems

With almost 30 years of experience in the humidification of office spaces and buildings, we offer a suitable solution for every challenge. We advise and supply our products in accordance with applicable legislation and standards. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of humidification in the office. 

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