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What is evaporative cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is based on the evaporation of water in passing air or open air. The energy required for the evaporation of water is extracted from the air. This cools the air. This principle also occurs in nature and has been applied by man since the distant past.
Direct and indirect
There are two methods of evaporative cooling: direct and indirect. In both cases, air is cooled by the evaporation of water. Evaporating 1 liter of water provides 680 watts of cooling. Adiabatic cooling becomes more effective as the outside temperature increases, without increasing electrical consumption. This is the opposite of mechanical cooling, as used in heat pumps and air conditioning units. With adiabatic cooling, the indoor climate can be cooled by 10°C or more at an outside temperature above 30°C, also in the Netherlands. We also experience this cooling effect after a thunderstorm or at a waterfall.

What is humidification?

Adding water to the air! Nature is constantly working to maintain the balance. As a result, the laundry dries when you hang it up and soft cookies become hard if you don't wrap them!

In order to influence these processes, there is humidification equipment that can be divided into 2 main groups: cold and warm humidifiers. The site is organized on this. You will find the product variants per group that differ in capacity and field of application for the right air humidification.

What is the difference between cold and warm humidifiers:
– Cold humidifiers, extract the heat to evaporate water from the passing air or environment and also cool the air. We call these adiabatic humidifiers.
– Warm humidifiers have no cooling effect on the environment. The energy to evaporate water is provided by the humidifier itself. We call these steam humidifiers.

Which humidifier is the best?

The best humidifier is the one that overcomes your specific challenge and meets the requirements. This is different in every situation and that is why it is important that you seek advice from an expert. We have been working with humidity in all kinds of processes and applications for more than 30 years. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like advice. 

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