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Fresh flowers with ultrasonic FT humidification equipment from Aire Fresh Systems

Who are we?

Aire Fresh Systems has been advising, supplying and installing systems for an optimal humidification and evaporative cooling. With the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years, we help you find a suitable solution for your challenge in the field of humidification and/or cooling. We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made basis.

What do we want to achieve?

The main driving force behind Aire Fresh Systems is Bengt Cornelissen. Do you want to know how Aire Fresh Systems came into being? With Aire Fresh Systems, he wants to draw attention to the importance of air humidification, because of its energy-saving and living standard-enhancing aspects. And also to ensure a better people-planet-profit balance.


What are we doing?

The years of accumulated knowledge and expertise, together with Bengt's creativity, ensure that we are constantly looking for the best solution for customer demand. For this we combine existing proven technologies with unknown or new ideas and techniques. This experience has been gained in oxygen technology for the food industry and retail, air treatment systems for the catering industry, offices, manufacturing industry, cleanrooms and data centers.
The many years of cooperation and commitment with international suppliers and manufacturers of humidification equipment ensure that we have access to information on international trends in regulations, research, new techniques, etc.

What do we offer?

With the products that we represent in the Benelux and part of Germany, we have such a complete range that we can supply almost all possible forms of humidification solutions. That's why we can do it for you right advice based on the correct humidification method and based on the discussed set of requirements. We make a number of tools available for this, so that a skilled quotation or delivery is quickly possible for a standard solution

Do you have questions? We are happy to help you!

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