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Je zit niet te wachten op haperende of niet functionerende koelings- of luchtbevochtingssystemen of -apparatuur. Het juiste onderhoud is dan ook zeer belangrijk voor de prestaties, energiezuinigheid, veiligheid en bedrijfszekerheid van de apparatuur. Wij bieden voor Ucan, Miatech en de waterbehandelingsproducten spareparts en onderhoud. Voor de Neptronic luchtbevochtigers verwijzen wij u door naar ELKA AIR B.V.
Depending on the importance that the customer attaches to the right humidity or temperature, there are 3 basic types of maintenance:

Our maintenance contracts

Legally required maintenance

  • Execution of legally required maintenance actions
  • Short report after maintenance
  • Recommendation for safe operation
  • Optimization advice

With regard to air humidification equipment and cooling based on the adiabatic principle, there are a number of obligations in the Netherlands that have been drawn up in ISSO 55.3 and the Working Conditions Act. These are there to guarantee the safety of the users of the building, the mechanics and the environment.
With this maintenance contract we perform these actions and provide the reporting. The report includes the recommended maintenance action for safe operation. You will also receive advice for improving or optimizing the operation of the existing humidification equipment.

Preventive maintenance contract

  • Periodic maintenance as agreed
  • Optimization advice
  • Insight TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Execution of follow-up maintenance after approval

We draw up an annual plan for this maintenance contract. This means that maintenance will be carried out on average twice a year, so that the operation is in order during the season. You will receive the corresponding report and optimization advice. Here you will also find the costs for the upcoming maintenance. This work is only carried out after approval by the customer.

Full service maintenance contract

  • Complete unburdening maintenance, if necessary. 24/7 service available
  • Guaranteed operation
  • At a fixed price
  • Jointly drafting the Plan of Requirements

We relieve you of the maintenance of the installations. After an inventory, we will fully guarantee the operation for a period of at least 2 years at a fixed price. This also includes parts, on-site labor and breakdown visits. We will draw up a plan of requirements (PVE) together, so that it is clear and transparent what we are going to do for you and when.


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