Waterbehandeling & spares
Everything about water treatment and spare parts

Water Treatment & Spares

Water treatment is the main medium of a humidifier. The quality of the water largely determines the life of the equipment, the frequency of service and also the hygiene of the supplied humidification in all cases. Aire Fresh Systems can supply various products for water treatment.
Despite the fact that the equipment is well maintained, something unexpectedly breaks down. Then it is useful to be able to quickly order the correct parts or have them in stock, so that the device can run again as quickly as possible. 
For this we can supply many parts directly. Make your choice below for more information.

Water treatment

  • sediment filtration
  • reverse osmosis water filtration
  • water softening

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  • easy to order
  • delivery from stock
  • parts for all humidifiers can be ordered

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