Clean rooms
Good humidity is necessary for a good return!

Good humidity increases efficiency and, depending on the process, can be an absolute precondition for a validated qualitative output. That's our experience over the yearsIf the humidity level in a cleanroom, laboratory or sterile production location drops, this has direct consequences for the quality of the product and the working climate for the employee. They like to do their tests in a pleasant and safe working environment. In addition, the requirements set by the FDA are no longer met. An investment in a humidification system yields more than maintaining standards, it contributes to increased productivity and constant quality. 

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Productivity goes up

In the case of laboratories, work is often carried out here that imposes specific requirements on the air flows within the space. For example, the arrangement of equipment such as fume cupboards and point extraction influences the air treatment of the room and must be properly coordinated for optimum productivity. It is necessary that the air climate is constant and that the rV% remains in the correct bandwidth.

pleasant working climate in cleanroom due to correct air humidification of Aire Fresh Systems
Production quality guaranteed with the right humidifiers from Aire Fresh Systems

Production quality guaranteed

For a cleanroom it is important that the particle concentration in the air is controlled. And that the number of particles that can enter space, be generated in space or be held there is as minimal as possible. Other relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure must also be controlled to ensure a constant environment.
Without a grip on the humidity level, tests have to be repeated, unsafe situations arise too often and energy costs are unnecessarily high. Controlling the humidity level creates a clean climate for reliable research results.

Increase productivity in cleanrooms through proper humidification of Aire Fresh Systems

Pleasant working climate

Laboratory technicians and researchers like to do their work in a pleasant and safe working environment. With our air humidification systems you create an extra comfortable indoor climate for researchers and other users of cleanrooms, laboratories and sterile production locations. Correct humidity prevents eye and skin irritations and is extra pleasant for contact lens wearers and asthma patients.
Aire Fresh Systems offers energy-efficient humidifiers that meet legal requirements such as ISSO 55.3, VDI 6022 and NEN2010. This is the minimum base. We only design and supply equipment that is safe for users and technicians.

We offer custom solutions

By working together with the customer's R&D department, we determine the optimal moisture level and put together the right Aire Fresh Systems humidification system. We know from experience that this increases the production efficiency by 60%. 

Widely used in cleanrooms:
Ultrasone luchtbevochtbevochters – RVS uvc desinfecterende ultrasone luchtbevochtiger FT-F
SKE – the reliable low TCO humidifier
SKG – the gas-fired steam humidifier. Reliable, safe and easy to maintain. 

With almost 30 years of experience in humidification of cleanrooms, laboratories and sterile production locations, we offer a suitable solution for every problem. We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made basis.

Free tailor-made advice

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