Steam humidification (warm)
Overview of hot steam humidification products

Warm steam humidifiers overview

The oldest and best-known method of evaporating water is heating water to a boiling point of 100°C. This can be achieved in various ways:

Electrode conduction: this is the conduction of electricity through water. The electrodes are located in a plastic container in which the water is heated. The electrode humidifiers are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to maintain, because the vessels have to be replaced regularly.

Resistance or elements heating: this is placing one or more heating elements in the water. This is often done in a cleanable cylinder or tank made of stainless steel. The resistance humidifiers are more durable and cheaper in maintenance and water consumption. 

– Heating by gas burner/flue gas: Water is heated by a gas flame contained in a metal housing and submerged in water. The gas-fired humidifiers are often used for larger capacities and in locations where there is a high moisture demand, because it reduces the CO2 footprint of the company. O because the electrical connection is too light.

– Heating by oil or superheated steam: available steam nets are used to boil water directly or indirectly. 

Below you will find an overview of the hot steam humidifiers that we supply.


de SKE4 wordt vanaf heden geleverd door ELKA AIR B.V.

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de SKG4 wordt vanaf heden geleverd door ELKA AIR B.V.

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de SKD wordt vanaf heden geleverd door ELKA AIR B.V.

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PTC Ceramic

  • suitable for softened, pure and RO water
  • PTC fire protection heating element
  • capacity of 7 l/h
  • direct placement in duct, NO steam lance
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