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Luchtvochtigheid is essentieel voor een gezond en behaaglijk leefklimaat in scholen & universiteiten

For an optimal and healthy school climate, the use of air humidification is necessary. Schools and universities are ideal locations where bacteria and viruses are given free rein when the humidity falls below 40%rV. This results in school dropouts and reduced student achievement. To prevent this failure among students and teachers, a humidity of at least 40% is required. Aire Fresh Systems has the necessary custom solutions for this and is happy to advise on this.

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Less absenteeism

If the humidity is too low, moisture is not only extracted from the building, but also from the students and staff. This dries out the airways and causes a dry throat, sore eyes and faltering vocal cords. The bacteria and viruses can also float through the air for longer, which can cause students and staff to become infected and sick.

Minder ziekteverzuim scholen & universiteiten door luchtbevochtiging
Higher feeling of comfort through the use of air humidification and cooling

Higher comfort feeling

By using humidification equipment, the relative humidity is guaranteed between 40-60%. This is an important part of a pleasant and healthy “working” climate. Pupils and teachers will feel more comfortable, they can work more concentrated, have no physical complaints and go to school with more pleasure.

application of humidification saves energy

Saves energy

Students and teachers experience air with good relative humidity as warmer and more comfortable, which can lower the overall temperature in classrooms and public areas. By turning back the heating, considerable energy is saved.


We offer custom solutions

Aire Fresh Systems has several custom solutions for schools and universities, depending on the space that needs to be humidified or cooled.

In order to keep the relative humidity at a desired level, it is necessary to artificially add water to the air by using a humidifier, which is linked to the air treatment or air conditioning of the classroom or building. These products are suitable for use in schools and universities:  
SKE – The reliable low TCO humidifier
SKV – The safe and economical adiabatic humidifier for installation in ventilation systems
HomeEvap – The compact, economical humidifier for departments in a building. Easy to combine with satellite systems or fan coils. Installed invisibly above the ceiling.

With almost 30 years of experience in humidifying schools and universities, we offer a suitable solution for every problem. We advise and supply our products in accordance with applicable legislation and standards. We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made basis.

Free tailor-made advice

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