The treasures in the museums remain in top condition thanks to the right humidity

The treasures in the museums remain in top condition thanks to the right humidity.  This one is preferably between
the 40-60%rV and should not be too high or too low.

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Better conservation of the collection

Many works of art are very sensitive to air that is too dry or too humid. Works of art often contain natural materials such as wood, paper or linen. If the ambient air is too dry, these materials release moisture into the ambient air. As a result, the materials become drier, shrink, warp and can tear. As a work of art ages, it also becomes more fragile and less stretchy and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep it in optimal condition. With the right humidity, visitors can continue to enjoy the works of art for years to come.

Air humidification of Aire Fresh Systems for the preservation of valuable museum pieces, such as here in the Catherijneconvent museum
By applying air humidification equipment from Aire Fresh Systems, the indoor climate in the Eye in Amsterdam is very pleasant and comfortable

Pleasant indoor climate

Dry air can cause headaches, dry itchy skin, a sore, dry throat and sore, tired eyes. In addition, the transmission of airborne viruses, such as influenza, is higher in areas where the air is dry (<40%rV).

An air treatment that also maintains the humidity between 40 – 60%rV is therefore an important contribution to a pleasant and healthy visiting climate. This will make visitors and employees feel more comfortable inside and less likely to get sick.

Optimal operational reliability for museums by using Aire Fresh Systems air humidification equipment

Optimal operational reliability

Thanks to our complete portfolio, we always offer a suitable solution. We take minimal and simple maintenance as a starting point. This guarantees optimum operational reliability and lower costs. Our service department is also available 24/7 for assistance. In addition, several rental or ad hoc solutions are available for calamities.
The Museum Catherijneconvent in Utrecht has also chosen the products of Aire Fresh Systems. For more information, check out the project file.

HomEvap humidifier used in the depot of the Catherijneconvent Museum for optimum humidity to protect the valuable museum pieces
HHomEvap humidifier applied in depot of Catherijneconvent Museum

We offer custom solutions

Aire Fresh Systems has several tailor-made solutions for museums, depending on the space that needs to be humidified or cooled. Think of the archive, preservation rooms, exhibition rooms, library or air treatment rooms. We only recommend products in accordance with applicable legislation and standards. 
  • For exhibition spaces or large halls with a large capacity requirement, the SKV or the SKE4 very suitable. 
  • For the library we recommend the steam humidifiers SKV or SKE4 or the FTW41. 
  • For archives, depots and showcases you can use the HomeEvap or FTW41 to apply. 
With almost 30 years of experience in humidifying museums, we offer a suitable solution for every problem. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of the humidification and cooling of museums.

Free tailor-made advice

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