Printing and Paper Industry
Quality without downtime and failure due to correct humidity.

In a printing and paper production business, it is important to produce without interruptions, so that deadlines are met and margins are maintained. An important aspect here is a relative humidity between 50-60%! You can achieve this with one of the air humidifiers from Aire Fresh Systems. 

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Maintain quality paper

To prevent shrinkage and tearing, it is important to observe the optimum conditions for printing and storing paper. A relative humidity of between 50-60%rV is required for this. Paper is a natural and hygroscopic material, which means that it is very susceptible to changes in relative humidity (RH).  

Low humidity environments are generally generated during cold spells when heat generated by machines and heating appliances dries out the air. During cold winters, RH levels of 15-20%rV are not uncommon. 

In dry conditions, moisture is drawn from the exposed surfaces of the stacks or rolls of paper causing them to shrink, but the center of the paper retains its original moisture. As a result, “tight edges” develop and the paper begins to curl. This will result in misfeeds and wrinkling or even tearing of the paper. 

printing process without interruption due to the application of air humidification
perfect color in printed matter by applying air humidification

Perfect colors when printing

Changes in humidity cause a change in the physical dimensions of the paper, causing the different color layers to stagger and a deviation in the correctness of the printed colors. 

maintain paper quality in paper production by applying air humidification

Production process without interruptions

In the lay-down and reel stand areas of large paper roll presses for newspaper, the ends of the reel stands dry. When the paper roll runs through the press at high speed, the ends are under pressure compared to the center. The slightest disturbance at the end will result in the paper roll tearing in half. Refeeding through the press results in significant downtime and loss of production.

We offer custom solutions

 Aire Fresh Systems has several tailor-made solutions for printing companies and the paper industry, which keep the relative humidity at a desired level.

Frequently used products in printing and paper industry:
SKV – 
The safe and economical, adiabatic humidifier for installation in ventilation systems
SKH – De hogedruk, adiabatische bevochtiger

With almost 30 years of experience in the humidification of printing companies and the paper industry, we offer a suitable solution for every problem. We advise and supply our products in accordance with applicable legislation and standards. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of humidification in printing and the paper industry.

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