Cold humidification
Overview of cold humidification products

Cold humidification

Cold – adiabatic – humidifiers extract the heat to evaporate water from the passing air or environment. Examples of cold humidification techniques are:
– Ultrasonic – that is a very fine mist, generated by high-frequency vibrations (1.7mHz).
– Atomization – that is the atomization of water under pressure (water or air) via one or more nozzles.
– Evaporation – that is the evaporation of water by letting air flow along a damp mat (pad).

Below is an overview of all cold humidification devices that we supply. 


de SKV verdampingsbevochtiger wordt vanaf heden geleverd door ELKA AIR B.V.

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  • whole house humidifier via HRV
  • automatic operation
  • legionella safe
  • no risk of condensation in ducts
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    Ultrasonic Humidifiers

  • directly in space division
  • visually visible haze
  • low energy consumption 23 watts per litre
  • Safe and trustworthy
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    de SKH wordt vanaf heden geleverd door ELKA AIR B.V.

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  • hygienic misting
  • cooling and deodorizing
  • reliable minimal maintenance
  • applications fish, vegetables, fruit, coolers
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